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Any health provision reasonably required by the learning difficulties or disabilities which result in the child or young person having SEN


Provision should be detailed and specific and should normally be quantified, for example, in terms of the type of support and who will provide it.

It should be clear how the provision will support achievement of the outcomes, including the health needs to be met and the outcomes to be achieved through provision secured through a personal (health) budget.

Clarity as to how advice and information gathered has informed the provision specified.

Health care provision reasonably required may include specialist support and therapies, such as medical treatments and delivery of medications, occupational therapy and physiotherapy, a range of nursing support, specialist equipment, wheelchairs and continence supplies. It could include highly specialist services needed by only a small number of children which are commissioned centrally by NHS England (for example therapeutic provision for young offenders in the secure estate).

The local authority and CCG may also choose to specify other health care provision reasonably required by the child or young person, which is not linked to their learning difficulties or disabilities, but which should sensibly be co-ordinated with other services in the plan.


The provision described in this section should relate directly to the information about health needs described in section C. As stated in section C this can included medical procedures such as physiotherapy and hydrotherapy which are delivered during the school day.

In the case of a residential placement all medical treatement and provision should be included.

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