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Any social care provision which must be made for a child or young person under 18 resulting from section 2 of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970 (CSDPA)


Provision should be detailed and specific and should normally be quantified, for example, in terms of the type of support and who will provide it (including where this is to be secured through a social care direct payment).

It should be clear how the provision will support achievement of the outcomes, including any provision secured through a Personal Budget. There should be clarity as to how advice and information gathered has informed the provision specified.

Section H1 of the EHC plan must specify all services assessed as being needed for a disabled child or young person under 18, under section 2 of the CSDPA. These services include:

    • practical assistance in the home
    • provision or assistance in obtaining recreational and educational facilities at home and outside the home
    • assistance in traveling to facilities
    • adaptations to the home
    • facilitating the taking of holidays
    • provision of meals at home or elsewhere
    • provision or assistance in obtaining a telephone and any special equipment necessary
    • non-residential short breaks (included in Section H1 on the basis that the child as well as his or her parent will benefit from the short break)

This may include services to be provided for parent carers of disabled children, including following an assessment of their needs under sections 17ZD-17ZF of the Children Act 1989.

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