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This section provides links to sources of information and organisations involved with visual impairment. Clicking the link will open the web-page in a new window.

Visual Impairment Information and Support
Providing friendship and support for people with vision impairments
Now merged with RNIB
Our main website
Our facebook page
Charity supporting visually impaired people
Now merged with Guide Dogs as Children's services
Helping blind and VI people into work
Information about CVI
raising awareness of the needs of the colour blind in the community
Support and assistance to parents and families with blind children
Supports people with dual sensory loss
Campaigns for all VI across Europe
Information about eye health and eye care
Descriptions of eye conditions from Moorfields Hospital
Northern charity supporting people with sight loss
Descriptions of eye conditions from RNIB
Charity Choice directory of charities for VI
Help, support and services for VI children and families
Support for Microphthalmis, Anophthalmia and Coloboma
Charity fighting to end sight loss caused by macular disease
National organisation campaigning for blind/VI people
National Sensory Impairment Partnership
NHS page about vision loss
Provide advice, support and information about nystagmus
Support blind youngsters with special needs and life-limiting conditions 
Information about rare diseases
Royal National Institute of Blind People
Scotland based association for blind people
National charity supporting VI young people
Support for people with sight loss including accommodation
Support for children with hearing and sight loss
Charity that offers phones to blind people
Charity supporting people with sight loss
Supports parents and familes of VI children
Licence fee concession for severely sight impaired
Supports blind and partially sighted children
A forum for anyone involved with VI pupils
Provides research, training and family support
Web-site with demonstrations of VI conditions
Umbrella agency representing vision impairment within Wales
Helping VI people locate information and services
Information about Education and Schools
Government web-site giving data about specific schools
Extensive information about all aspects of education
Government web-site with details of schools in England
Government explanation of types of schools
National Association of Special Educational Needs
DfE details of the National Curriculum
NHS page about Special Educational Needs
Gov.UK web-site for obtaining school inspection reports
Useful Pinterest page of VI resource ideas
Gov.UK page about Progress 8 and Attainment 8
DfE statutory guidance about P scales
Advice for staff working with VI pupils from RNIB
On-line magazine about all aspects of SEN
DfE official statistics on education and children
Guidance on teaching English to VI students
Macular Society guide to teaching ICT to VI Students
American site about teaching VI students
Major education newspaper
Activities and resource ideas for VI
Legislation and Guidance
DfE Guidance on behaviour and dicipline in schools
Complete version of the Children and Families Act
Allows enlarged copies of text to be made for VI people
Allows enlarged copies of text to be made for VI people
DfE Guidance on procedures etc for counselling in schools
DfE Guide lines for choosing to educate at home
Complete version of the Equality Act
DfE Guidance for schools on fulfilling their duties
Equality & Human Rights Commission codes of practice
The Government web-site with extensive information
Government guidance on range of help available
DfE statutory guidance on home/school transport
Government guidance about education provision when a child is ill
Government guidance on different ways to complain about a school
OFSTED guide for parents about school inspections
DfE guide lines about policies schools MUST have
DfE advice for schools about preventing bullying
DfE Guidance about ensuring children with health needs receive education
Dept of Health guidance about registration
Government statutory guidance on keeping pupils safe in education
Charity Commission policy paper on safeguarding children
Government guidelines for parents about attendance
Government guidelines about exclusion from school
DfE statutory guidance about SEN (0 - 25 years old)
DfE guide for parents about SEN
Legislation about personal budgets
DfE statutory guidance about supporting pupils
Legal Guidance and Appeals
Independent advice about state education
Charity giving information about a range of child law topics
Free, independent, confidential advice about rights and responsibilities
Information about courts and the Tribunal service
Legal information from a leading SEN barrister
Campaigns for equal rights for disabled people
Legal information from a leading SEN solicitor
Advice and help about equality and human rights
Advice and guidance about human rights
Independent authority about information rights
Independent Parental Special Education Advice
For complaints about services ptovided by councils
Network of independent educational psychologists
Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal
Support for parents of children with SEN
Large parent led information and resources web-site for SEN
Benefits advice
Information about allowances for severely visually impaired/blind people
Government guide to benefits
Information about DLA for children
Information about DLA for adults
Information about employment and support allowances
Information about financial help for people with disabilities
Information about PIP
Assistive Technology
Useful VI apps for Apple devices
Website describing latest technology
Tablet which transforms images into tactile representations using taxels.
A social enterprise developing Canute Braille e-reader
Computer guidance, forums etc for VI
Provide magnification/screen reader/accessibility apps/software
Manufacture low vision products
Produce Jaws and Magic
Google Play download of Georgie screen reader app
Results of Government survey of assistive technology use
Company providing products for blind/VI people
American company's Drawing Bundle creates tactile graphics.
Useful guidance and tips for JAWS users
Provide low vision aids
Provides the well known Perkins Brailler
Page sharing assistive technology ideas
Company supplying hardware and software for blind people
Guide to assistive technology for VI from RNIB
Teaches people with disabilities to use computers
Company supplying low vision aids
Company supplying low vision aids
Produce widely used reading and magnification software
Produce machine and swell paper for tactile diagrams etc
Independent Living
Royal Mail free postage service
Provides assistance dogs for disabled people
Blind cook who won USA Masterchef in 2012
Design, manufacture and supply aids for VI
National rail card gives 1/3 off rail fares.
Leading charity supporting mobility for VI people
National Professional body for Habilitation Practitioners
How to get home adaptations for VI/blind people
Supply software and hardware for people with special needs
Clear, practical advice on daily living
Page sharing independent living skills ideas
Specially adapted radios for blind people
Company specialising in holidays for VI people
Provide an alternative source of dogs to guide blind people
Guided day activities & short breaks for mixed VI/sighted groups
Company supplying equipment etc with speach
Web-site for Tony Giles, blind independent traveller
Company providing holidays for blind and sighted travellers
Information about independent living skills
Braille/tactile codes/libraries/audio
Computer games with audio output rather than graphics
Supports chess players with visual loss
Braille jewelry available from ETSY
A Braille training site by Sensory Sun
Supply specially adapted audio equipment to VI
Subscription-free audio library for VI people
Lending library of adapted books for VI children
Tailor-made large print books for VI young people
Biography of Louis Braille and explanation of Braille
Free information, in audio, for VI people in Britain
Details of RNIB Braille courses for adults
Postal and download audio book service
Free tactile book service
Provide tactile diagrams, maps and pictures
RNIB library (Audio, Braille, Large Print, Music)
National accessible library
Free monthly audio magazine about use of computers by VI
App to describe sheet music to blind musicians
Details of UEB with links
Information about range of accessible formats
England and Wales blind golf
Provide sailing for blind and partially sighted people
Encourages VI to access and enjoy sport in the UK.
Organisation for all paralympic sports
Guidance on gardening for VI
Opportunities for any disabled person to play football
Disabled/blind/VI shooting project
Opportunities for anyone with a disability to ski or snowboard
Company specializing in games for the blind and visually impaired.
Information about goalball
England Athletics page about guided running
Database of guided runners and guides
Offers unforgettable activities for diabled people
International organisation for all blind sports
Whitestick's directory of blind sports
London based charity offering sports for VI people
Metro Blind Sports details of VI events around London
American site with courses and lessons to learn to play instruments
Information about VI ten pin bowling
Provides activities for VI children
Find a club will identify a sportsclub near you
Organisation promoting disability sports in Scotland
Provide special needs toys including sensory
Driving days for Disabled people, their family and friends
British Table Tennis Association for the Disabled
British Blind Sport page about 10 pin bowling
Company providing theatre tickets and experiences for VI
Tandem cycling for disabled/VI people
Provide sailing for blind and partially sighted people
Tennis foundation VI information
Audio described events around UK
Information about athletics for disabled people in Wales
Specialist schools and colleges for VI/blind students
Harrogate, Yorkshire
Wimbledon, South West London
Bromley, Kent
Loughborough, Leicestershire
List of RNIB schools and Colleges

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